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Megan Jones Yoga 350hr TT 2017/2018,


'For the Love of Yoga'


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February 25-26th 2017 - Teacher Training begins






May 26-29th 2017 - 3 nights of Bliss - ONLY 1 Bed Left

Receive a $150 discount if booked and paid for by March 1st 2017.


Bliss Out Yoga & Health Retreat @ Indigal Hacienda Grande, Pacific Palms, NSW. I have listened to your requests for a 3 night retreat and this one will blow your mind, 25acres. Morning meditations, twice daily yoga, food talks and kitchen workshops, chill out time, fabulous company of like minded souls. Come and find your Bliss, have your own personal Chef for the weekend and of course yoga time with Megan to get yourself into the yoga groove on so many levels. Go here to book just scroll down the page until you find what your seeking :) xxxxx

Please Note - This is not a Womens Only Retreat, unless it turns out that way. Bring your partner, your sister, your brother or your adult offspring and have a beautiful healing and rejuvenating weekend of yoga bliss, together. There is a maximum number 10 participants only.



Saturday June 17th - with Swami Satyadharma


Winter Workshop - 'The Koshas' The five koshas, or dimensions, of our being are what give a purpose and meaning to yoga. We are much more that we appear to be. The koshers provide a map of our inner being from the gross or physical to the subtle or spiritual. This knowledge allow us to put all the practices of yoga into perspective, which aids and enhances our human evolution. For more info go here.





August 18 - 20th 2017 - Annual Winter Retreat at Stroud Monastery.


YOGA, FOOD, COMMUNITY, INSPIRATION.....Join in the experience Book Here


Saturday August 26thwith Swami Satyadharma


Winter Workshop - 'Kundalini and the Chakras' The knowledge of kundalini, the cosmic energy of creation, and the chakras, the psychic centres, is one of the greatest contributions of yoga to humanity. When the kundalini descends through the chakras, she brings our material being into existence. when she awakens, we return with her to the source of our being. All the systems and practices of yoga were originally intended to open the chakras and awaken the kundalini. This is our ultimate destiny as human beings and the essence of yoga. for more info go here.