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Megan Jones Yoga

Hello and welcome to my world of Yoga and Health…..


Here you will find my Timetable, info on why and how to have a One to One with me, and upcoming Retreats you just don't want to miss...


No day is complete without some time for your self, let yoga be that for you...I will show you how...


As well as teaching Classical Yoga and Kum Nye, I teach a fluid form of Flowing Asana linked with breath awareness and a Restorative style of Yoga for healing the body-mind.


Prenatal yoga is one of my passions and I have included one class a week. This class focuses on the strength and innate ability each woman has to birth in the way that she would like, in the environment that she feels safest and with the people that she loves and that provide her with the best support. If you are pregnant or know someone who is, please join us or share the information with your friends. 


The teachings include deep relaxation and meditation techniques that can be tailored to individual needs. I have a love and passion for music and singing and so in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga (Devotion), no class or retreat is complete without some chanting or kirtan. 


In my efforts to spread the benefits of Yoga, I try not to exclude anyone from the practice of yoga and feel that one of my life purpose’s is to bring yoga to as many people as I can, without prejudice. In saying this disabled access is available at my classes at Pacific Palms @ the Community Centre and Forster @ the Community Centre. 


I have reopened my home clinic and am providing massage, aromatherapy, relaxation and meditation to help you heal, recover, relax and find the peace you need. I am open Thursdays, Fridays and one Saturday a month, call me for an appointment - 0416 008 018.