Phone - 0416 008 018

Early Morning Meditation - 6:30am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Via Zoom  Starting free however I may have to ask for a small donation to continue :)

Please join us if you're keen for some deeply peaceful practice. You will enter zoom on mute, just like coming into a meditations space. I'll unmute you when we are completed so you can say Cheerio, Ciao, Om Shanti or Namaste 🙏

All you need is a computer or phone, quiet space, comfortable seat, either cushion, chair, lean up against a wall, where ever you are most comfortable to be still. Preferably not lying down 😉 Just hit the above link and you should get right online with us. I'll be waiting Mjx

Online 28 Day Yoga & Health Cleanse  Due to the current state of the nation, I have discounted this course and in truth, it is probably more relevant now than it was last year, when I recorded it. This gorgeous practice is available any time now so BOOK IN  if you want to practice with Megan and live too far away, can't get to class, or for whatever reason its not possible. This course is also a great adjunct to any class that you're attending and can help you form a solid home practice with great yoga tools. This thoughtfully crafted month long practice can be your foundation and keep it simple or you can build on it week by week to prepare yourself for a lighter, happier you. The practices are based around cleansing through pranayama, asana, meditation and some shat karmas (cleansing practices) and also approaching lifestyle choices that may be impacting your ongoing health, energy levels and immunity. GO HERE if you want to know more. I am so excited to be sharing these practices with you online. 

Megans regular and ongoing Class Timetable here 🙏


Nourished Soul Sanctum is the collaboration between Megan Jones Yoga and Chef Sarah.

To find out about Retreats and Events for 2020 & 2021 go here. 

All bookings for retreats will now go through Nourished Soul Sanctum, thank you, go check it out.


For the Love of Yoga Teacher Training 2020

This teacher training is currently underway and due to the social distancing etc, we've had to adapt a new way of getting through this. The wonderful trainees and Eve have been joining me via Zoom, so that we can continue with the rather heavy load of work. So we have been working on the theory component and will do lots of wonderful catch up and practice once we can hang out in person again. 

So if you're considering this teacher training, it is an authentic yoga experience to take your practice next level, through the deep inquiry into the practice, physiology and philosophy of yoga. This course is a Yoga Australia recognised course and once completed will give you qualifications to enter as a Level 1 Teacher. However if you don't want to teach and your goal is to deepen your practice that's okay too, this is a life changing journey no matter why you want to do it. Please note, the dates for next TT will be up later in the year, the current dates are for 2020/21 course. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to get in contact.  🙏

Read more here and here, apply here 🕉 mjx


Om Birth Wisdom - Currently due to the health state of our nation these courses will be going online :) To find out more and to book in go here, thank you


If you want to find out about my services as a doula (birth support and education) please go here.