Next Treks in 2018

Annapurna Trek 17/03/18 - 3/04/18 &                Mustang Trek 7/04/18 - 24/04/18


Nepal changes your view;


Yoga changes your Life!


My partner Troy and I joined forces with a trekking company, based in Nepal, to bring together the perfect way of being in tune with nature and your self, staying healthy, fit and having fun; Yoga Treks.


I cover the Yoga component of the trek and all of the organising from Australia. I am an experienced trekker in my own right and completed a mountaineering skills course in New Zealand in 2005. Climbing Mt Aspiring in 2005 (sadly we got blizzarded off the mountain before summiting). I have trekked the Annapurna Foothills 3 times (2011, 2012, 2013) and completed the Tour Du Mont Blanc in 2013. Troy has summited Mt Cook, 3,754m (2003) in New Zealand and all but Island Peak, 6189m (2009, 100m short due to an unforeseen crevasse) in Everest Region of Nepal. Troy also helps with photography tips for those wishing to improve their skills. A great bonus.


Our trekking family in Nepal, Saran and Christina Subba, complete the adventure with professionalism and warmth  and ensure that we have the adventure holiday of a lifetime. They take care of all aspects of the trek in Nepal, organising our trek, accommodations and staff to make sure that we are well looked after.  


When you begin to practice yoga, change happens. The simple act of turning up on the mat and facing your self, each day, week or whenever you do, creates change. It enables harmony and balance to seep into your being and then spread out into everything that you do.


Nepal is a place of spiritual growth, for some travellers nothing will ever be the same. The people of Nepal are generous and compassionate and inspiringly humble. This tiny little country that is nestled in the mighty Himalayas entices us to challenge ourselves on many levels. From material poverty to spiritual richness, from the valleys to the highest mountains in the world, you will forever remember the sights, the sounds, the smells and the feelings of this beautiful country. 


Combine a trek in Nepal with daily yoga practice and you have double the opportunity for a life changing event. Leave behind your stresses and the daily grind that we often feel so weighed down by and come out into the mountains, the fresh air and breathtaking scenery. Don't wait, just jump on board for the next trek and walk yourself to a new way of being. 


For more info about our upcoming Annapurna Trek, go here and the Mustang Yoga Trek, go here :)