Megan Jones and Sarah Wilton have joined forces as 'Nourished Soul Sanctum', a business dedicated to yoga, wellness and whole food retreats that make retreating inspirational and unforgettable.

All of my retreats will now be handled through Nourished Soul Sanctum, thank you. Please follow the links to Nourished Soul Sanctum to book in and find out more information and to check out dates for the 2020 retreats, there is much on offer, enjoy. Mjx

Spring Cleanse - November 22nd - 24th, 2019

This retreat provides the opportunity for you to have a lovely quiet cleanse of body, mind and soul. Megan will be leading the sessions, which include meditation, yoga, relaxation, chanting and silence. Sarah will be nourishing us with juices, fresh food and lots of herbal teas and water. It's spring cleanse time and what better way to do this than in a quiet environment, where you can rest and we'll make sure you have all the time you need. Come and learn some new skills as we teach you how to cleanse and rejuvenate safely. You will come away inspired and energised. Children are welcome, however must be supervised by a parent or adult, we are not offering child minding so please keep that in mind and make sure you have support people with you should you be bringing under 12's :) thank you. 
For more information and to book go here. Mjx

A Womans Retreat - March 27th - 29th, 2020

This retreat, at Stroud Monastery, has been crafted for women. It's time to get away and have a break in the company of women at all stages of life. Come and hang out in the wisdom that is inherent in women gathering together, after all one of the greatest gifts of womankind is the ability to share, communicate and be story tellers. Learn some new skills to stress less, laugh and have a break in a beautiful quiet space in the bush away from it all. Chef Sarah will be nurturing you all weekend with the best of the best food :) You will come away inspired, energised and feeling like you can take on the world with wisdom and grace.

Bring your daughter, sister, mother, aunty, grandmother or bestie, its for you and for you to share......

The Retreat is for 3 nights from Friday 26th to Sunday 29th March. Book in early for this retreat as spaces are limited to 18 participating adults.

For more information and to book in go here. Mjx

Yoga Teachers Retreat - June 18th - 21st, 2020

This retreat, at Stroud Monastery, has been crafted for the needs of yoga teachers. Please note it is a 3 night retreat. Yoga teachers are often underpaid and over qualified, however highly valued. Along the journey there is a possibility that you teeter on the edge of burn out trying to make ends meet. You may be doing a job on the side that pays well or you get very crafty and creative and make sure that you can maintain your lifestyle and continue with your passion. You may also have a family, run a studio, study to keep yourself ahead of the crowd or just to keep up your CPE points. As a yoga teacher you often put yourself last and find it very difficult to take time out and remember that you 'too' need to nurture yourself.

Teachers teach what they most need to learn :) Megan will be leading this retreat with guest teachers and some of the sessions will go towards CPE. The retreat includes all yoga, meditation, workshops and delicious and nutritious meals by Sarah. A seriously awesome and heart warming weekend to fill your cup so you can continue to support your tribe. Bookings are limited to 25.

For more information and to book in go here. Mjx

Annual Winter Yoga and Meditation Retreat -August 13th - 16th, 2020

Please note 2020 Winter Yoga Retreat at Stroud Monastery is for 3 nights, from Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th. Book in early for this retreat as spaces are limited.

For more information and to book in go here. Mjx