350hr Teacher Training 2018/2019


Level One Registration with Yoga Australia

on completion of the course.

28th July 2018 - 11th August 2019


Your Teachers are

Megan Jones - Principle Trainer

Eve Grzybowski 

Darren Clayton

Swami Satyananda Saraswati - Public Workshops


Course Dates & Outline - July 28th 2018 - August 11th 2019


Module One - Jul 28th - Sep 20th - 8 weeks = 48hrs 

Intensive dates Jul 28/29th, Aug 28th, Sep 16th = 32hrs

Masterclasses (MC’s) - Jul 31st, Aug 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th; Sep 4th, 11th, 18th = 16 hrs


Module Two - Oct 9th - Dec 20th - 11 weeks = 57hrs

Intensive dates Oct 20th, Nov 18th, Dec 16th = 24hrs

MC’s - Oct 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th; Nov 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th; Dec 4th, 11th, 18th = 33hrs


Module 3 - Feb  5th - Apr 11th - 10 weeks = 54hrs

Intensive dates Feb 17th, Mar 17th, Apr 7th = 24hrs

MC’s - Feb 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th; Mar 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th; Apr 2nd, 9th = 30hrs


Module 4 - Apr 30th - July 4th - 11 weeks = 71hrs

Retreat @ Stroud - May 3rd/4th/5th/6th; Jun 23rd = 44hrs

MC’s - Apr 30th; May 14th, 21st, 28th; Jun 4th, 11th, 19th, 25th, Jul 2nd = 27hrs


Mentoring - Jul 23rd - Aug 11th - 3 weeks = 12hrs

Graduation Day - Aug 11th = 3hrs

MC’s - Jul 23rd, 30th, Aug 6th = 9hrs


Total Course Hours = 242hrs

Home Study and Practice = 108hrs

Total = 350hrs


Module One

Journalling - One of the premium learning and assessment tools will be your journal. There will be set practices each month, which includes a personal practice and the application of what you are learning. The journal will not be marked as such but will be read and assessed as to your understanding and commitment to practice what you are learning.

Anatomy and Physiology - The online course begins week 1. Masterclasses will address A&P component.

Teaching Methodologies - Eve will be introducing foundations and principles of yoga at the first intensive. 

History of Yoga - Introduction to the history of yoga at the first intensive, which will include some reading, research and discussion at MC’s.

Yoga Physiology - Introduction the yogic concepts of matter, spirit and the gunas. This topic also includes reading, research and discussion at the MC's. 

Asana - Asana that are included in the whole course will be introduced and then over the course will be investigated. A few of these asana practices will be included in your personal practice for exploration and journalling. Not every asana is suitable for every body and this is part of the learning process and we take into consideration our individuality and current ability. There will be a strong focus on breathing through asana practice for preparation for the pranayama practice that begins in Module Two. 



Module Two 

Anatomy and Physiology - continues throughout the course.

Yoga Physiology - Introduction to the prana vayus, includes reading, practice and short written assessment. Sw SD will teach Koshas, at a full day workshop (open to the public). (Date TBC).

Pranayama - Introduction to pranayama and practices that will be included into your personal practice for journalling.  

Art of Adjustment - will be introduced by Eve Gryzbowski.

Ethics and Lifestyle - Introduction the ethics and lifestyles aspect of yoga practice and teaching as set out by Yoga Australia.


Module Three

Anatomy & Physiology - continues throughout the course.

Yoga Physiology - MJ introduces nadis and chakras will include reading, practice and short written assessment.

Bhagavad Gita - We will read the Bhagavad Gita and have monthly discussions at Masterclasses, like book club. Written assessment at the end of the course. 

Yoga Physiology - SwSD will teach a day workshop on Kundalinin and the Chakras. (Open to the public) (Date TBC).

Meditation -  different meditation techniques will be introduced over the course and will be included in your personal practice for exploration and journalling. The first module strips the practice back to foundations and we build from there. 

Practice Classes - throughout Modules 3&4, you will organise a small group and start a beginners class. No money exchange. Programs will be submitted and discussion at masterclasses on any problems etc that you may face. Great practice for the real world of teaching yoga.


Module Four

Anatomy & Physiology - continues throughout the course

Applied Yoga Physiology - Darren will be teaching Astanga basics and the application of asana for strength and flexibility.

The Professional Yogi - Eve will present this as a mini course, will wrap up at the final weekend retreat. 

Restorative Yoga - Introduction to the basics of Restorative Yoga.



Masterclasses (3hrs) - time to discuss and open up the areas you may have difficulty with, will include chanting and kirtan, relaxation and meditation techniques, asana practice and the study notes from the online A&P course. At different times Eve and Darren will chime into these classes to help out in the areas that they are teaching. 


Intensives (8hrs) - Include asana, meditation and pranayama sessions, presentations of many different yogic concepts in history, philosophy, physiology. Guest teachers will present at Intensives.




4 Day Retreat @ Stroud Monastery - the Retreat is a deep intensive pulling together the teachings that have been presented over the course. Preparation for presentation of final assessment classes and presentations of the Professional Yogi assessments. 

This weekend will also include some lifestyle sessions and discussions on how to live and eat ethically from the yogic perspective. And will include time for some kirtan, shatkarmas, to rest and relax and ask all the questions that didn’t get asked during the year.


A little like putting the finishing touches onto our beautiful self portrait that we have been preparing all year. 


Join us, this is the personal journey of a life time........


Course Fees



Please note: The course fees include all text books, opening weekend of 2 days (lunch provided), 8 intensives, 36 masterclasses, 4 days/3 nights at Stroud and your final assessment. All food and accommodation are covered at Stroud. For the one day intensives bring your own lunch and snacks. For masterclasses bring what you need, snacks not meals as we won’t have time.

The course fee does not include Apply First Aid, which is necessary for registration and insurance as a teacher. 


Starts at $7,000


Discounted one off payment of $7,000

Course Deposit: $1500 due on acceptance into the course to confirm your place, $500 of which is a non refundable administration fee. 

Balance of fees: $5500 is paid one week prior to the commencement of the course (18th July, 2018).


Payment Plan A: $7,500

Course deposit: $1,500 due upon acceptance into the course to confirm your place, $500 of which is a non refundable administration fee.

Balance of fees: $1,500 is due on the 1st September, 1st November, 1st Feb & 1st April, 2018.


Payment Plan B: $7,780

Course Deposit: $1500 due upon acceptance into the course to confirm your place, $500 of which is a non refundable administration fee.

Balance of fees: $785 is due on the 1st of September, 1st October, 1st November, 1st December, 1st February, 1st March, 1st April & 1st May, 2017.



If you have any financial difficulty please advise Megan as she is open to changing the details of the payment plan so that you can achieve this. Nothing is too hard or unattainable, we can nut this out. 


Apply for your application form here